Vaccherine Summer Fruits  £6.00
Withies Knickerboker Glory  £6.00
Homemade Treacle Tart and Custard  £6.00
Chocolate Mousse £6.00
Créme Brûlée  £6.00
Rice Pudding and Strawberry Preserve  £6.00
Various Ice Creams and Sorbets  £5.00
Homemade Apple Pie and Cream  £6.00
Bread and Butter Pudding  £6.00

A Selection of English and European Chesses  £7.75 



Withies Delight (a Supreme Concoction)  £5.00
Gaelic Coffee (Irish Whiskey, Cream and Coffee)   £5.00
Caribbean Coffee (Rum, Cream and Coffee)  £5.00
French Coffee (Cognac, Cream and Coffee)  £5.00 
Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria, Cream and Coffee)  £5.00

Filter Coffee  £2.20
Cappuccino  £2.80 
Latte  £2.80 
Espresso  £2.20